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Vinyl Pools Vs Fiberglass Pools

Vinyl Vs Fiberglass: Projects

Vinyl Swimming Pools

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl liner swimming pools offer more flexibility in design than fiberglass, and the installation process requires far less time than gunite pools.

Construction Process

The construction process for vinyl pools is similar to gunite, but instead of applying the gunite, we add a custom-made vinyl liner sheet onto the galvanized steel pool or polymer wall panels. The liner is vacuumed and the surface tested for possible air leaks. 


With today's advancements vinyl pool design, in terms of shapes, sizes, the sky’s the limit with vinyl pools. Vinyl pools are highly flexible and customizable, allowing you incorporate a wide array of design elements. 


New designs and construction process have made vinyl pool liner structures much more durable than in the past. 


Maintenance on your vinyl pool is critical to its lifespan. Typically with proper care, a vinyl liner has a lifespan of approximately 6-10 years.

Surface Finish

The surface of the vinyl liner material is exceptionally smooth, which provides algae resistance.

Visual Appeal

American Backyard pool vinyl liners are available in many colors, and thickness allowing you choose one that blends well with the overall theme of your backyard. 

Initial Costs

Vinyl liners are the most affordable option among the three types of pools. Even the installation costs are far lower than those of gunite pools of similar size.

Features and Add-Ons

Vinyl offers a wide variety of choices to reflect your personality. Whether you want a luxury pool or a functional one, vinyl allows for creative designs to make your pool a focal point.

Installation Time

Within four to eight weeks, from the start of construction you can have your vinyl pool ready for swimming.

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